INAUGURAL RACE & RALLY - Ariège, France, 23-26.08.19

Further #1

The race forms a loop, divided into sectors. Think along the lines of the ' Ronde van Vlaanderen ' or ‘Paris Roubaix’. The start and finish is at Gaudiès, which is on the plains of the Ariège next to the L’Hers river bordering the Aude. The race traverses departmental and national borders so we’ll be going into Andorra and Spain. At the start/finish will be the rally, with accommodation, local food and drink held at the beautiful converted farmhouse and cycling destination ZeroNeuf.




Sequential sectors in a loop

A mixture of free-routing and sectors around a sequential looped route. The first one back is the winner. Spot tracked, autonomous, no drafting, one single mixed gender race.



Mixed terrain mountains

From smooth tarmac (ancient roads) to hike-a-bike (rocky single track), the route will traverse the borders of France, Spain and Andorra. There are ancient roads, mines and forges to discover. Some lost, some only known to La Chasse (Hunt) and les bûcherons (lumberjacks).


A long weekend

Timing and schedule

Start - Morning of Friday, August 23rd
Finish - closes on the evening of the Monday, 26th. The winner is expected to take 3 days to complete.



Tracked live

We’ve teamed up with the team at FollowMyChallenge to create a live leaderboard and map on Those back at the rally will see progress, as well as anyone who visits during the race. We’ll also be broadcasting live over our media channels.




The rally will be a chance for friends, family, racers and non-racers to unwind and enjoy the tranquillity and pure evening air of southwest France.

We will have cinema with music, and occasional Chanson singing. It’s being held at at Zero Neuf, Gaudiès, at the race start/end point. This beautiful converted farm serves up the excellent Workshop Coffee and local craft beer from Brasserie de Quercorb, with wines sourced from local bio vineyards. It offers panoramic views of the mountains and a saltwater infinity pool, with camping on site.

We’ll be announcing more details of the rally soon.