Which Path?

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It was a day to take in some of the GR route of the Trois Seigneurs. We wanted to see how rough parts of it were.
I know some of the path but not all and my fear was that there would be to much of the ‘rough stuff’.


Further race is not an MTB race, it’s also not a race on tarmac. The race is very much an exploration over all terrains.

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Cal and I discussed wheels and Mountain bikes. Which bikes and wheels were needed for each different section we covered.
Full Suspension Bike would almost mean missing out on the landscape as one would float over the rough stuff and not engage with the mountains. For the racers, full suspension would be an advantage on some sections, but on other sections pointless and often a disadvantage.

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Some hopeful racers have asked me if they would be okay on a road bike for this event. I see all bikes as machines that are ready and capable of taking one on adventures, but it is a question of whether you want the adventure to be dictated by the inappropriate kit or something else. 25mm tyres and road bike clearances would not be the best way to tackle this.

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As the race director I have a duty to find the best route, and the best route might be over gravel, it could be over tarmac and it could also be a Roman path that has fallen into disrepair.
Further is about all terrains, but finding a balance between them. Blurr all cycling disciplines ... it’s not a MTB race, it’s not a Road or Cross race. This is an adventure race.

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Cal and I rode in a loop which was concluded at the Rocher de Carlong. This will possibly be a CP.

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Camille McMilllan