Getting over the Tabe Massif

It was a relief to see the peak, it was also daunting.

There has been a bit of a blockage with route finding due to my obsession with getting over the Tabe Massif.

The Tabe Massif is an orphan massif of a few peaks at the height of the main mountain range of the Pyrénées but slightly north.

From up on the top, one has an amazing view of the Pyrénées spread along the horizon, and also the plains laid out below. Carcassonne and Toulouse are visible on a clear day.

I wanted this to be the introduction.

I wanted this to be the introduction.

I wanted a route that would take the racers from Montségur and up and over. A mix of GR route and logging gravel roads are the answer.

There is no denying that the track gets hard, and the last KM of track is un-rideable, it’s hike-a-bike and probably the hardest part of the race.

All I can say is, is that it’s worth it.

Camille McMilllan