How do you handle it?

As a kid, I was obsessed with Cyclo-Cross. I’m old enough to remember cross before the sanitation of the current UCI circuits. My first race was down a hill and straight through a river.

The circuits back then were often long routes, around the edge of a park...over all kinds of terrain. There was never a board to bunny hop over, there would be a log....maybe.
This Cyclo-Cross from another age is where I learned to race bikes. My first CX bike at the age of 15 was a steel, (531), it had Mafac cantilever brakes, a single front ring ( 42 ), 5 speed rear block and a bar control. The tubular tyres were 30mm and the pedals had toeclips and toe straps. That’s where my off-road history is, an age when it was hand cranked, not cool and very much a backwater in bicycle racing. And I loved it.

I had put my Mason ISO together with water bottles on the inside of the frame, I had even started to think about putting a frame bag on it.... and then I realised....I should take everything out of the frame.

Back in the 80’s as that super keen kid, I spent many hours learning how to get off the bike and pick it up and shoulder it in one movement. And that’s what I do now, arm through the frame hold it tight via the bars.

Race Director aged 15

Race Director aged 15

All that I pack, is near the bottom bracket or on the forks. I might get a big bar bag next, but I will always keep that space inside the bike frame.

How do you handle yours ?

Camille McMilllan