First Sector

As you already know, the Further Race is in a loop. Starting and finishing at the same place, Gaudiès, Ariège.
Gaudiès is up against the department of the Aude, and the start will begin how we mean to go on, crossing borders.

The race will not have any drafting, we do not want the race to bunch in any way. This is an old dream of Henri Desgrange, his original dream for the Tour de France was for it to be a solo event. Henri Desgrange did not have satellites and spot tracking, we do.

The race can be policed accurately with spot tracking, so it’s known who is riding in the wheels.

The start is a mass start, but we need to break this mass up quickly. The way to do this is a steep hill, gravel and racers understanding the rules.

The steep hill will take us up to a great viewpoint. We will see where we are heading, South, South to the Massif of Tabe.

This first sector is gravel and tarmac, following the river Hers, where the racers will have a view of the mountain. It’s imposing, coming at you slowly. Further than it looks.

Camille McMilllan